The City of Loznica
Loznica is located at the foot of the northern slopes of the mountains Gučevo, not far from the river Drina (less than 3 km), at an altitude of 142 m.
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The Municipality of Krupanj
Municipality of Krupanj is located in western Serbia, and it covers a territory of 342 square kilometres with a total of 23 villages (24 communities) and borders with six neighbouring local municipalities: Mali Zvornik, Ljubovija, Osečina, Koceljeva and Sabac. The…
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The Municipality of Osecina
Municipality of Osecina is a natural geographic unit consisting of 20 settlements, of which the small town of Pec Osecina and urban settlements.
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The Municipality of Ljubovija
The municipality of Ljubovija is located in the western part of Serbia. The territory of the municipality is part of the larger regional administrative unit, the District of Macva, to which it gravitates in the economic, commercial and cultural terms.
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The Municipality of Bogatic
The Municipality of Bogatic, according to its characteristics, is unique entity with the plain of Macva. It stretches between the Drina and Sava, in the north-western part of the plain.
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The Municipality of Mali Zvornik
The Municipality of Mali Zvornik is located in the western part of the Republic of Serbia, in the middle of Podrinje. The western boundary of the Municipality (and the state border) is the Drina, from the north-east it borders with…
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Regional Development Agency of Podrinje, Podgor and Radevina LTD was established in June 17, 2013. The Constitutional Assembly was held in Loznica, with the signing of the Treaty establishing, as a result of the previously signed Protocol on Cooperation between municipalities, Krupanj, Mali Zvornik, Osecina, Ljubovija, Bogatić and the city Loznica on joint implementation project for the establishment of regional development agency in the territory of Western Serbia.

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